Mahesh will do a film in Hindi:Namratha

15-1363343150-mahesh-namrata-hospital-3Mahesh Babu is all set to entertain movie lovers coming as ‘Srimanthudu’ on Aug, 7th.The film is a bilingual entertainer which is produced on G.Mahesh Babu Entertainment P Ltd. Namrata Shirodkar speaking to scibes revealed why they have become producers. She said, “Mahesh always felt that he wanted to be part of films that were close to his heart in some way, a little more than just an actor.” She adds, “It’s very common in Bollywood where all big actors have their own production houses as part of their films… whether it is SRK or Salman Khan.This really helps the actual producer who is funding the film. So the film does not go into impossible numbers. To be honest everybody would like to work with Mahesh, this was probably a way of trying to make better films, trying to make films in a more approachable manner without budgets going haywire… ,”

Namrata sharing the excitement says, “I am looking into the marketing side of the film. It is a very commanding, demanding job, but is exciting as I have time to do it. My kids are older and this is a way to keep myself busy and add a little bit to the film.” she adds “My work starts now, post the film being over really. Mythri Production has been the active producers, they are hands on and they know how it is done, so I have involved myself in the marketing.”

On Mahesh Babu starring in Bollywood film, she says, “There have been innumerable offers for him, but what has not worked out is that either there was an issue with the script or the director… when the right script comes along, he will do a film.” And Namrata says, Mahesh Babu’s Hindi is “not bad”.

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