Makers of “Aagadu” still earning on it?

AagaduWell,you must be thinking like how could that happen when “Aagadu” was declared a big debacle right? Yes, you are right. But “Aagadu” makers are still making business on the film,but not in terms of collections or something.Then how? Want to know? Check this story out folks.

Mahesh Babu’s recent release Aagadu may have failed to impress the Tollywood ticket window. The movie ended up as a cost failure but the makers seem to be in no mood to forgo any chance of making some moolahs by having it dubbed it in Hindi!

The film is dubbed in Bollywood as Encounter Shnakar and is getting ready for grand release in B-Town. Inside talk is makers is feeling that irrespective of the performance of the film in Bollywood, film’s hindi version will make an impact in North India once released on small screen.

Mahesh Babu has huge fan following in the north and many of his films such as Pokiri, Khaleja and Businessman were received well too. Makers plan to release the trailer during the coming week.

Mahesh last film ONE also dubbed in Hindi and relased as Ek Ka Dum 1 But the film failed to impress north audience.Any hope Aagadu can impress Mahesh’s fans in the North? Let us wait until its release!

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