Malayalam Actress Poses Bold To Support Breastfeeding

Gilu Joseph, a 27-year-old Malayalam actress is seen breastfeeding a baby on the cover of Grihalakshmi magazine.Several people on social media and other platforms are sharing Gilu Joseph breastfeeding picture to aware others about the woman’s right breastfeeding in public. The main motto of this cover photo is that they wanted women to know about their basic rights all over India and it is initiated first by them.

“I knew I should not refrain from doing what I believe in, fearing possibilities of shaming or fearing what people might say” the 27 years old actress told the magazine. She said that she faced a lot of problems as her family members did not want her to pose like this on the cover of the magazine.
“All that I have my absolute rights over, is my body. I don’t hate it, I’m not ashamed of it… Why should I fear to do something which everyone is aware of?” she further asks
People are encouraging her for going bold and awaring our Indian ladies out there. She said that she feels glad to be a part of this campaign and she feels lucky that the magazine approached her for such topic.

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