Man Behind Mahesh stylish look

maheshEvery body talks about Mahesh Babu’s youthful look in Brahmotsavam .Mahesh Babu was pleased with the response he’s been getting. “The character defined the look really. I play a simple Vijayawada boy and we wanted the clothes to reflect that. So we went with a casual look with tees and chequered shirts. So, the styling, whether clothes or hair, reflects my character in the film,” says Mahesh Babu, adding, “I don’t really get involved in the nitty-gritties of my look. I had a discussion with Srikanth (director) and my stylist Akshay Tyagi to decide a brief. From then on my team took over. I just picked from the options they gave me.”
Mahesh’s stylist Akshay says, “Mahesh’s character in the film is that of an everyday man and that’s the reason we decided to keep the wardrobe simple and didn’t go for a lot of stylised outfits. We went for a bright colour palette and we have used every colour in the book — red, white, yellow, blue et al,” explains Akshay.
Interestingly, Mahesh’s wardrobe was chosen to reflect the transition in his character sketch through the film. “His costumes change depending on the location in which a particular sequence is set to reflect his character graph.We had nearly 100 changes in the film,” adds Akshay. So, Akshay is the man behind Mahesh stylish look.

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