Manchu hero creates much hype about “Errabassu”

Manchu-VishnuOne might call it is him , or its juts self boasting to promote the film. By the way, wonder who is that guy ,who has been praising …praising and all praising the director of his movie? Well, he is none other than Manchu Vishnu, and the movie is “Errabassu”. Yes, you are right,the director is one and only Darshakaratna Daasari Narayana Rao.
Commenting on the awards and rewards,Manchu Vishnu speaks “I don’t believe in awards and honors. Can’t agree that I’ll be a great actor only if I bag couple of awards”, says Manchu Vishnu, who is waiting keenly for his forthcoming release ‘Erra Bassu” that is directed by versatile ‘Darasakaratna’ Dasari Narayana Rao. When quizzed if he’s anticipating any awards for his performance in this taatha-manavadu kind movie, the Manchu hero responded in style.

“You just pair me opposite an award winning actor and I’ll outperform him for sure”, avers Manchu Vishnu with poise. His challenge is because of his confidence levels that got upped in the recent times as he improvised in acting department a lot. In last couple of movies like Anukshanam and Rowdy, Vishnu has already proved his potential and what all he needs is a perfect script that allows him to emote at a maximum. “If I fail to beat him, then I’ll agree my take on awards is a mistake” he added.

At the same time such ‘artistic’ scripts should not miss the blend of commercial elements as box-office success will add more rather these awards. On a concluding note, Vishnu delivered another power punch. “If India doesn’t win world cup, we don’t say Sachin is not great” .

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