Manchu Manoj fires all cylinders on them

Manchu Manoj Interview Stills (12)As we all know that comedian Venu was brutally attacked by a few leaders from Gouda caste the other day at film chamber, no film personality has condemned the attack instantly. But finally, here comes the young hero Manchu Manoj who fired at the attackers who attacked on Venu. Manoj has strongly condemned the attack and called the attackers as ‘cowards’. And he went on saying that the scene would have been different had he been there at the scene. Read it in his own words now.

Manchu Manoj breathing fire on those attackers, he tweeted “Soo cheap and inhuman to hit Actor Venu … Cowards … Wish I was at chamber then. Scr** castes and religions .. We r humans first”. As soon as he tweeted so, few young heroes taking cue from him and started supporting Venu and condemning the attack.

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