Manchu Vishnu speaks about “Errabassu”

manchu-vishnu-dc-2013Due to the heavy dose of sentiment, many of them straight way disliked ‘Errabassu’ ,but still there are certain groups of audience who liked the movie. Especially , the protagonist Vishnu Manchu has been getting decent reviews for his performance in Erra Bus. Leaving his star image, Vishnu has done an emotional role in the film. Speaking about this Vishnu said that he had done this role only for Dasari Narayana Rao. He also added that this his way of showing his gratitude towards the legend who launched his dad Mohna Babu in Tollwyood.
Erra Bus is the story of a young software engineer and his grandfather. Catherine Theresa is the female lead in this film which is produced and directed by Dasari himself.

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