Manchu Vishnu turns to be Srimanthudu

Sampoo241114_1tPrince Mahesh Babu’s ‘Srimanthudu’ is spellbounding all with its powerful message to the society. According to the latest Manchu Vishnu, son of Mohan Babu is turning as real life ‘Srimanthudu’. He came with the following tweets and if he turns it into reality it will see future in the lives of many people.
Been traveling on a project which is close to my heart.Water conservation.there is a drought like situation in some places in chittoor dist
Studying on water preservation, I am now in Shirpur, Maharastra. Thanks to my buddy Tapan Patel, I visited their project.
Shirpur Progress is what it’s called and amazed at its simplicity but it powerful effectiveness. Ground water level now at 60ft from 800ft!
Hoping to implement this in some drought villages back home. Meeting the geologist who made this happen and get this done back home.

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