Mani Rathnam learnt from mistakes?

maniIts quite common for everyone that they would learn from their own mistakes. At least, its common for wise people . Here is the ace director Mani Ratnam, who is known for producing his own films most of the times, seems to have learnt something from his previous mistakes. What are those mistakes and what did he learn from them? Here is the story, read on.
 If a director approaches another producer for his film that is fine.But when he decides to produce his own movie,and if the film gets bombed at the box office,its a huge loss as the director and producer for the same person. This is being experienced by Mani Rathnam from      quite a some time now. But all his ‘perfection’ leads to huge filming time, causing number of shoot-days to get extended by miles. Lengthy shooting schedules are burning his pockets and the result of his movies is repeating that twice. Here is Mani again, changing his basics now.

For his upcoming movie featuring Malayalam hero Dulquer Salman (Mammotty’s son) and Nitya Menon, Mani Ratnam decided to wrap the shooting in a record 75 days. After some strenuous pre-production where he finalized camera angles, number of shots and movements along with a story-board, Mani now wants to finish shooting in scheduled time and made the movie on a shoe-string budget. Probably this is one of the best decision as cutting making-costs short will deliver ‘profits’ for any  producer much before a film’s release. Hope Mani Ratnam ends his flop-streak and hits back stronger.

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