Maniratnam has a unique style of story narration

mani-ratnamMaking a film is always a secondary thing as the narration of it comes first. Because, a director needs to narrate the story to the hero, to the heroine and to the producer . If a director can’t convince them with their narration,one would hesitate to handover the project to that particular director. Hence maximum number of directors develop story narration skills to the best by defualt. Few narrate 20 minutes, and few narrate the story for two hours. But the talented director Maniratnam has a unique style of narrating a story.Let’s see what it is?

The one aspect about Mani Ratnam which never changes is his capability to narrate any story within just 3 Minutes. He usually uses some selective words during the narration, alike the sharp one-liners in his movies. Mani Ratnam’s narration for ‘Ok Bangaram’ went like this – “Two characters… there is a love between them and they have a condition… the film is about their chemistry and state of mind”.

This rule will be the same to any hero in any language. Say its Superstar Rajanikanth or Dulquer Rahman. Based on the track record of this legendary diretor, would any hero dare to ask Maniratnam to narrate more than that? Cetainly not..what say?

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