Many lessons to be learnt from “PK”

PK Movie Pramotion at HYD Photos (21)Bollywood’s top hero Aamir Khan’s latest flick “PK” is creating ripples worldwide for its novel point ,gripping screenplay and Aamir Khan’s terrific performance. This Raju Hirani’s directorial made top film makers of India drop their jaws in surprise. Not only in Northern parts of the country, but also in Telanga and Andhrapradesh states PK is running houseful. The movie’s amazing brilliance in the first hour and twisty tales in the second hour sans some dull moments, have all created a brilliant impact on the movie viewers. Moreover, PK teaches some decent lessons for Telugu film-makers too.

PK is the showcasing of quality in script, sticking to principles and ethics rather giving commercial-masala color. As Amir Khan plays the role of an alien who loses his spaceship’s remote and starts searching for it in India, he simply stuns with his acting brilliance. along with Aamir, Anushka Sharma and Sanjay Dutt have also given ultimate performances .

PK is one fresh example which agian proves that if the content in the story is perfect, no film maker needs to depend on masala elements.PK is a wake up call for many directors in TFI.

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