Married Heroine wants only Glamorous Roles!

Married Heroine wants only Glamorous Roles!, Amala paul new movies, Amala paul upcoming projects, Amala paul latest wallpapers, amala paul new stillsMany heroines after the marriage get the roles of Sister, Sister-in-law, Second heroine beside older heroes etc. But Mega Heroine Amala Paul doent’ want to be like that. But the seductive married babe  is still insisting on glamour roles. She is also telling the film makers who approach her that she is ready to do any spicy role. The actress defends her demand saying that her glamour did not decrease in any way even after marriage.
“Glamour in me did not decline. I did many de-glamour roles in my career. Doing such roles even now will be very boring. My husband Vijay belonging to film industry is in way luck to me. He is very much aware of situations here and will support me in all the ways,” Amala Paul said.
Let’s hope that she will get glam roles.

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