Maruthi’s next with be new comers

82db5d6939c4325a7985964f49a3dc1d_LSensational and youthful director Maruthi is planning his next with new comers again. After a decent hit like ‘Kottha Janta’, Maruthi has taken some gap . As per the sources, it is learnt that there will be three new heroes and three new heroines in the film. Presently, Maruti is giving final touches to the script. If all goes well, the film will go onto the floors in January. Meanwhile, Maruti is busy on production spree as many films are due for release under his banner including Kai Raja Kai which will be released in November.

Although Maruti’s movies managed to made money at BO, he has earned a tag of youth filmmaker as his films are filled with “double entente”. However, Maruti vowed that he would be extra-cautious from this time on wards and said he would erase that image soon. Now that he’s back with making a film with newcomers, there are several apprehensions on it whether Maruti sticks to his trademark formula or go against as stated. Let’s wait and see.

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