Mega Daughter overshadows The Young Hero!

Oka Manasu New Stills (26)Naga shourya and Debutant Niharka starrer Okka Manasu  shootign has compelted and the post production work is progressing.  Mega fans have immence expecation on The movie  where,Mega daughter, Niharika Konidela makes her debut through this simple love story alongside Naga Shorya which is drawing unnecessary attention now a days.

The audio launch will be graced by Ram Charan and Varun and this will surely help in the promotions of the film but the over hype and hungama has sidelined the young hero Naga Shourya.  The presence of these mega heroes and unwanted hype is creating problems for Naga Shourya who is playing the male lead and his name is no where to be seen because of the attention Niharika is getting.Of course, The mega daughter getting all the hype and needed attention for her debut film.

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