Mega Star Buys Darsakudu First Ticket

Director Sukumar logical calculations always gives surprise to many in the industry. Now, this creative genius is following the new style of promoting his second production venture “Darshakudu” which is slated for grand release on August 4th.

Today, Mega Star Chiranjeevi has purchased the first ticket of “Darshakudu” Today at 10:30 AM and the regular bookings started after 10:30 AM. Anyone can image how much impact will create on the film if mega Star bought the first ticket, it will give the much-needed boost to the film’s advance bookings.

Sukumar is introducing his brother’s son, Ashok with this film “Darshakudu”. Ashok reportedly underwent rigorous training in dances and fights before starting the film. Anthaku Mundhu Aa Tharuvatha and Ami Tumi fame Eesha and Poojitha are the heroines romancing the newcomer in the film. Darshakudu is being directed by Hari Prasad Jakkani who makes his debut with this movie.

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