Megastar all praises for “Bapu”

Chiru @ Bapu Film Festval2014 Photos (23)We all know that Megastar Chiranjeevi has worked with late Bapu for “Mantrigaari Viyyankudu” ,which was a super hit flick in those days. The movie was released in 1983. And over 32 years of time, Chiranjeevi happened to watch his movie yesterday at prasad labs,as the part of Bapu film festival. Reminiscing about his association with the auteur after the screening, Chiru said that it was Bapu who auditioned him for Pardhu’s role in ‘Mana Vuri Pandavulu’ and that he used to put in extra efforts to impress Bapu.
Chiru expressed his wish that he always wanted a portrait of him and his wife drawn by Bapu, which of course remained unfulfilled.
Prior to the screening, an art gallery comprising of Bapu’s collection was also inaugurated. The film festival is being organized by the Hyderabad Film Club as part of Bapu’s first birth anniversary celebrations.

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