Megastar’s hand written letter to girls

Chiranjeevi LetterWell, wait,its actually for girl students to be precise. And wonder why Chiranjeevi has written a letter to girl students? If you want to know this, you need to go back to 1987,as this incident took place in that year itself. If we take a look into the details of the incident, In the year 1987, Chiranjeevi was invited by St. Theresa Management to grace their Golden Jubilee Year event. He, however, couldn’t attend the ceremony due to prior film commitments.

Hence he wanted to make his fans happy and sent a hand written letter to ST. Theresa Management ,which you can find in the above picture. Megastar sent a hand-written letter to St. Megastar might have given a miss to the celebratiosn of the school, but has certainly won the hearts of many with his letter. That was a cool gesture isn’t it?

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