Megastar’s mega gesture says it all

Chiranjeevi New Photos (2)As we all know, Megastar Chiranjeevi is a very kind hearted and soft spoken person. Especially when it comes to his fans, Chiranjeevi always stand in front to back up his fans who are in need of anything. We have seen many incidents that showed Chiru’s soft side over the years. And here is another example that showcases the big heart of Chiranjeevi one more time.

We already have learnt that Chiru cancelled his trip in lat minute due to death of Ramanaidu. Chiru directly drove from Airport to Ramanaidu’s home after hearing the death news of senior producer.Its known that mega-star couple have celebrated their wedding anniversary yesterday . Since it was the 35 th wedding anniversary , Mega couple have planned to celebrate their special day at Cuba with family members and cherry made all the arrangements for the special anniversary.

When it is hardly a few hours left for his departure to Cuba, Chiranjeevi rushed to Ramanaidu’s house directly from the Airport on hearing the news, least bothered about this trip. What else we can say about this real mega star?

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