Mehbooba Movie Review 

Cast: Aaksh, Neha Shetty, and others

Director – Puri Jagannath

Producer – Puri Jagannadh

Banner – Puri Connects

Music – Sandeep Chowta


Puri Jagannadh, who has been going through a rough phase, is eagerly awaiting the hit with his upcoming romantic entertainer Mehbooba. Akash Puri and Neha Shetty are playing the main lead in this movie. Puri has produced this movie besides directing. Let’s check whether Mehbooba can change his film prospects.


Roshan ( Akash) is born in India but he always remembers his past life. It would worry his parents a lot. On the other hand, Afreen ( Neha Shetty) feels the same who is from Pakistan. Roshan wants to serve in the Indian Army and Afreen wants to do her higher studies in India.

What is their past, how do they realize they are Kabir and Mehabooba? Can they reunite by facing all the odds?


Akash has tried his best as a soldier and we have seen his performance as a child artiste and teenage hero and it is the best undoubtedly. Neha is neat and looks good on the silver screen. Shayaji Shinde is fine as a rigid father and Murali Sharma is good enough. Others are okay in their restrained roles.


It is definitely a sincere attempt by Puri to launch his son as a promising hero in Tollywood. In Puri movies, we saw heroes are very careless but this time, we have seen different as Roshan is very sincere and hardworking. He is diligent and works part-time to pay off his bills. He is responsible towards society.

Though he has chosen a story which has enough stuff to showcase heroism, love, and romance, he could not reach the expectations of audiences. Speaking of the story, we have seen many love stories based on reincarnation and here the new angle is Indo-Pak war backdrop. Many scenes were misfired and feel boring. Especially, war episode is very tedious. Puri disappointed once again.


Music by Sandeep Chowta is okay but not up to the mark. Dialogues are mediocre and direction is neat. The script is fine but it lacks substance. Production values are rich and camerawork is admirable.

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