Mehbooba Releasing Today

Mehbooba Releasing Today,Mehbooba Movie Releasing Today,Mehbooba,Mehbooba TeaserDirector Puri Jagannath who directed Mehbooba in which his son Puri Akash playing main lead is all set to hit the screens today. Besides directing, Puri himself is the producer of the film and it is touted to be a war based love story. Neha Shetty is playing the female lead and Sandeep Chowta provided tunes.

Puri Jagannadh’s films like Loafer, Ism, Rogue and Paisa Vasool were disasters at the box office. So, he tried his best to reach the expectations of audiences. As this film is hitting theaters today, the entire team is waiting for the verdict.

Let’s hope, this film would bring him back to form…

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