Mersal- Freedom Of Speech Caught By The Throat

Tamil film fraternity has joined hands together, to support the Mersal team in the issue following the dialogues against GST and digital money, in the film. Some of the big names from Kollywood have also taken to Twitter to share their feelings and pass their comments on the same. Here we have some of those tweets compiled for you.

“Governments,politicians,policies, films,anything & everything in public domain can be questioned/criticised.Trying to stop them is a shame”. – RJ Balaji

“#Mersal Freedom of speech caught by the throat.” – Cinematographer PC Sreeram

“விமர்சனத்தை தாங்கிக்கொள்ள இயலாத எவரும் அமைப்புகளிலோ அதிகாரத்திலோ இருக்க தகுதியற்றவர்கள் #சிலாக்கிடும்ம்மா” (Roughly translates to: “People who cannot take criticism, don’t deserve to be in power or in any association” #SilakkiDumma) – Producer SR Prabhu

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