Mohanbabu’s secular thoughts are impressive

mohanbabuManchu family is known for their humanity and discipline when it comes to profession. Head of the Manchu family, Dr. Mohan Babu is known for his ethics and principles that he have been following from the beginning of his career. He applied the same with his
MB Corporation,which deals with film production activities,Schools ,colleges administration, and also visual effects sector. And that is lead by Mohanbabu himself and his elder son Manchu Vishnu. MB Corporation is located in famous Madhapur area. A first look at the reception point of this office is surely going to stun you.

A good-looking female receptionist welcomes you with smile and immediately you’ll notice from her Burkha that she is a Muslim girl. Right on her back we could observe a bunch of photographs hanged on the wall, and offered flowers and incense sticks. They all represent various Hindu gods. Mohan Babu is known for his devotion and spirituality and his frequent visits to Tirupathi and Shirdi. But the scene at his reception is surely a stunner as it directly indicates that religion is personal and nothing to do while employing people.

Also, most of MB Corp’s employees hail from different other castes and religions than what Manchu family is. Surely this is true ‘secularism’.

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