Money does not give me happiness: Samantha

Money does not give me happiness: SamanthaChennai girl Samantha is busily runnig between Kollywood and Tollywood. There was a news that her pay cheque has been hiked to an amount of  of Rs 1.50 Crores.
At this juncture Samantha has mentioned that she is not acting for money sake. She while speaking said, “It can be understood that people always have a wrong notion about heroines. That is, they act only for money.
As far as I am concerned I don’t act for money alone. I have enough money to live a luxurious life. I don’t have the greed to stack bundles of cash in my wardrobe.  Apart from acting, acting profession should give satisfaction.There lies the true happiness. With this money we cannot achieve everything. I am happy when I act in good roles. Money does not give me happiness.

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