Mr. Perfectionist signed ‘Robo-2’?

Aamir-Khan_4There have been lot of speculations that are doing rounds in film circle since a long time about sensational director Shanaker’s ‘Robo-2’ project. Some say, there won’t be any sequel to Robo from Shanker. And some say that super star Rajanikanth won’t be doing it. Some say, Rajanikanth would do and the villain role will be played by Kamal Hasan and so on.
And here comes yet another interesting news about ‘Robo-2’.

Recently Rajanikanth denied becoming part of ‘Robo 2’ and confirmed that he hasn’t had any talks with Shankar too. Latest update we hear is that Bollywood star Amir Khan has now taken the mantle of becoming a mechanical man. “It’s too early, but Amir has already read the script and felt excited. In a day or too he will confirm things with Shankar”, a source said.

Shankar is currently wrapping the post-production work of ‘I-Manoharudu’ and release of this flick is yet to be announced. Featuring Vikram, Amy Jackson and others, I is another visual marvel coming from the Tamil director.

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