Murali Mohan seriously concerned about it

murali-mohan-06Its a quite known fact that film heroes of Bollywood and Tollywood charge bomb as their remunerations compared to any other heroes of any language in the country. And that has become a huge head ached for many producers,who are literally suffering to bear those huge figures and also to recover the amounts in terms of collections of their movies. Rajahmundry MP, Telugudesam party leader, senior actor and producer Murali Mohan took the side of the producers and has taken pot-shots at the sky-high remunerations of some star heroes.

While talking about the recently concluded issue between Cine workers and Producers Council, he responded in the position of MAA president and in a way sounded that ‘producers’ are failing to pool money as they have to satisfy the hunger of heroes.

“During olden days when producers are ready to pay in lakhs, NTR and ANR have decided themselves to charge only 50 thousand rupees. That helped many producers control other budgets too. But these days, heroes are worried only about their ‘pockets’, their ‘crores’, but doesn’t care about the loss they incur to producers”, said Murali Mohan. He stressed that there are no dozens of Telugu producers these days who are making films on regular basis due to the ‘hefty’ demands of star heroes.

“Heroes need just money; Young producers don’t know the craft and directors are not bothered about script. How will film industry survive then?” he questioned. On a concluding note, he stated that only a dialogue happens on re-working of remunerations of heroes, Telugu Film Industry will shine in the coming days. There has been a discussion going on the same between Heroes and producers. But would it really resolve the issue forever? Can any hero lessen his remuneration and help producer make some quality movies?

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