My affair with KOHLI is not for entertainment

Anushka sharmaWhenever a news between a heroine and hero , or between any film celebrity and sport celebrity comes out,most of them think that it won’t last long. Once they are done with the enjoyment together ,they split. Of course, we have seen many such instances like Yuvraj Singh and Kim Sharma etc in the past. But Bollywood’s most wanted heroine, sexy Anushka Sharma breathing fires on media if some one talks cheap about her relation with Team India Cricket captain Virat Kohli . And also Anushka is answering back so loud, say few sources in the know.

The other day while talking to media, Anushka in reply to a reporter’s question said ” I seriously don’t want to answer any such questions by you guys. In fact i just don’t like to talk about my personal matters. But i am very much ready to answer any of your questions,if it is related only to my profession. And FYI, my relation with Virat is not for any entertainment and i hate if some one looks at it that way”.

So, finally Anushka clears it all and lets wait if media stops poking her by questioning again and again about her relation with Virat by any chance?

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