My every tweet is not only about Pk : Renu Desai

cace2653eac7f871ade406e6d9113e1d_mThe sad phase of Pawan Kalyan’s ex wife Renu Desai is still continuing, as PK fans are still haunting her with their cheap comments and tweets every day on social networking sites life facebook and twitter , whenever Rendu tweets something. Pawan Kalyan’s fans assume that those tweets to be meant for Pawan either directly and indirectly. And this has certainly irked Rendu Desai for which she had to say that ‘ all my tweets are not meant for Pawan Kalyan. “. We can understand by that like how tough its been for Renu Desai to handle such pressure Reason why she still is not following Pawan Kalyan on twitter, just to avoid further controversies.

The former actress clarifies every tweet of her isn’t for Pawan and would surely take his name when its about him.

Renu Desai Tweets:

“Fb Whatsapp Bbm Twitter Instagram so many ways to keep in touch but so much distance between ppl…!”.

“At that vague hour between dark and dawn. In the dim light of the streetlamp. O mysterious stranger of the night, you stole my heart”.

“I fell in love with your words, The thoughts encased in those words, Of you silent presence in those thoughts, Of silent presences and distant love stories, Of sunshine moments of a grey heart”.

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