My films mostly watched by masses..!

allari-naresh-24Allari Naresh who recently entertained with ‘James Bond’ says, he will not experiment from now on. Speaking to scribes, he said, “I was doing the same kind of comedy films and I wanted to experiment, so I did a few experimental films. Those films were not well received and moreover, they all came at the same time”.
He said, he experimented to expand his base. He adds, “My regular films are watched mostly by the masses and many complained that I should also reach to the class audiences in multiplexes. That’s the reason why I experimented with a few films, but they did not work. But as an actor, I was more satisfied with some of the films like ‘Laddu Babu”.

Naresh firmly says,“I have now decided to complete my films fast and also not to experiment for a few years”. He reveals, “My earlier film ‘Sudigadu’ was the highest grosser in my career and it was a comedy. Since then, people compare my films with ‘Sudigadu’ and expect more comedy.”

Speaking his mind, he says, “Pressure is common for any actor and some of the big stars too go through this phase. But I felt bad when people started writing me off completely”.

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