My Marriage is Not now says Young Hero

imgvishalYoung Hero Vishal from Tamil Industry is busy with his movies as well with Nadigar Sangam. His friend Arya had mentioned that Vishal’s marriage will take place first. When Vishal was asked about this, he said, “ I am not ready for marriage. Marriage is an important thing in life. Husband and wife is not an ordinary responsibility.

Hence I have no intention of marrying now. Arya’s marriage will take place first. I think his marriage will be fixed this year. The promises we had made at the time of Nadigar Sangam elections will be fulfilled in three years. I am also concentrating on my profession. I have put an end to my luxurious life. I meet my friends including Arya only once in a week. I have lots of things to do for Nadigar Sangam.”

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