My popularity reached another level:Rashmi

Rashmi-Gautam-Tamil-Actress-8Jabardasth anchor Rashmi Gautam who has been a part of the industry for longer than a decade. She is visibly excited about being a part of director Praveen Sattaru’s ‘Guntur Talkies’ where she plays the lead role. “Why wouldn’t I be excited? He is a national award winning director and isn’t that a thing to be proud of,” she asks. She adds, “I should tell you I was a bit surprised that an achiever like him approached me because he could have cast someone else too. But he chose me and I am grateful for his trust in me.”

What’s interesting about Rashmi is that despite being in the industry for more than a decade she has managed to earn recognition only very recently. “You are right. I think being an outsider from the industry, it’s not easy to get the right opportunities. Despite trying for the one odd chance, making your way here is tough. I did a wonderful film like ‘Prasthanam’ and yet the offers were elusive,” she explains.

Did that put her down at any point? “Not really. It’s true the offers weren’t as interesting as I’d like but they were there. I took up serials on television – but they were totally different from what you generally see. So I am glad I took up the best of what was offered to me. When I began anchoring for Jabardasth, my popularity reached another level” she concluded.

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