My son is not luck factor for me: Allu Arjun

2014-10-13_407_Home_Allu_Arjun_1Well, wait on and go through the entire article before you jump into any wrong conclusions. There is absolute professionalism and simplicity and humbleness in Bunny saying so beyond his fatherhood. Not many heroes would dare to say so but, stylish star Allu Arjun is always a down to earth person who likes to speak his hearts out all the time. He know the value of hard-work of the people who work for him and he knows how to give credits to whom at the right time. By the way, what made Bunny make such bold comments? Check the story out.

Allu Arjun recently admitted that the super success of “Race Gurram” cannot be attributed to the birth of his beloved son Allu Ayaan. Allu Arjun says “My son Ayaan has given me those first ever emotional over-whelming feelings. But frankly I can’t agree that he is the luck charm for Race Gurram to become a swash buckling hit”, says Allu Arjun, without giving us a chance to call his son’s birth as reason for Race Gurram’s staggering success this year.

And also stylish star adds on “Surender Reddy worked harder for an year to make that movie. It’s a team effort and the success belongs to everyone”. That sums up everything for you folks. Bunny needs a pat on his back for this lovely down to earth nature right?

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