Mythri Movies Clarified On Anupama Issue!

With Ram Charan and Sukumar’s film seeing Anupama Parameswaran out of the project, there are rumours everything that she’s pushed out only for her high remuneration demand.

Anupama Parameswaran was signed to play the female lead in Ram Charan – Sukumar project initially, but the Premam actress came out of the film soon. It was rumored that Anupama demanded a high remuneration for the movie, and only because of that the producers went for a change in a heroine.

But the production house Mythri Movie Makers, have come out with a statement claiming that the rumor is entirely false. Their statement reads, “This is to clarify that while it is true that Anupama Parameswaran s not a part of Ram Charan – Sukumar project, it is not correct that it is on account of high remuneration demanded by her as reported in social media and some news columns. Such news is totally false and she has never made any such demands. We wish to reiterate that Anupama is highly talented and a thorough professional and she will certainly be a part of our future projects.”

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