Naanaku Premato contraversy Poster..!

Naanaku Premato contraversy Poster!There is a press note from SVCC Production House. Pleas read the apology.’It has come to our notice that some members of a religious community have been offended by a background image used in a song poster of Nannaku Prematho.We respect the religious sentiments of the community and have replaced the image with a new one.
The offending background has also been removed from the film. We offer an unconditional apology to the members of the community for any offence caused to religious sentiments because of the background image.
We have never been against any community, nor do we bear any ill will towards any community.
We believe that every community has the right to live with dignity, honour, and freedom. The poster design was an accident and it was not intended as an act of malice.

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