Nandamuri hero not interested in politics

Kalyanram Interview Stills (3)When we talk about Nandamuri family, we can’t separate it either from the films or with politics. That is what the reputation that Nandamuri family has in both films and politics in the form of legendary NTR. Nandamuri Hariskrishna is into politics and at present, Nandamuri Balarkishna is now MLA from Hindupur. But Nandamuri Kalyan Ram seems to be not interested in politics at all. He recently made it clear while talking to media that he is least interested in politics and this is one field he hardly knows anything. Hence, He wishes to stay away from it all through his life.

The actor also brushed aside the reports of rift in Nandamuri Family since the past few years. “We are a family,” he clarifies, affirming the speculations were just cooked-up stories. Kalyan Ram is on cloud nine as he scored a block buster hit after ten years.

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