Nandamuri Mokshagna in Aditya 369 sequel!

Nandamuri Mokshagna in Aditya 369 sequel,Nandamuri Mokshagna ,Aditya 369 sequel,Aditya 369 Most famous film and the best in Balakrishns film ‘Aditya 369’, was directed Singeetham Sreenivasa is planning to make a sequel for the same film. The director has emphasized that he had completed the script, and at whatever point it happens, it will happen with Balayya only. The director has also included Mokshagna Nandamuri’s role in the film. The senior director feels that the film will happen with inclusion of Mokshagna too. Aditya 369 and Gentleman producer shows interest in doing the movie Balakrishna. However Balakrisha is busy with shooting for war sequences of ‘Gouthamiputhri Sathakarni’

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