Nani’s rarest click as Assistant Director

NaniWe all know that young hero Nani is a versatile artiste who can impress with any kind of roles offered to him. We have already seen that in many films so far. We all know that Nani is multi talented guy, who started his career as clap boy and then an assistant director and then ended up as a hero in Tollywood now.

As asst. Director, Nani assisted the legendary director Bapu for Srikanth- Sneha starrer “Radha Gopalam”. Nani shares his old memories through his social networking account. Above is the pic of Nani from Radha Gopalam film sets and our talented hero is keenly observing the happenings.

Nani’s concentration levels and commitment levels are too hight which brought him to this stage. Nani sets an example to youth to achieve anything in this world.

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