Naresh’s tweet creating ripples in T-town

NareshIt looks like a tough competition between two senior artistes is inevitable. As we all know that comedy king Dr. Rajuendraprasad and Sahaja Nati Dr. Jayasudha are in the main race for the post of president for Movie Artistes Association. While Naga Babu had come out in open and supported Rajendra Prasad and his panel, senior actor and politician Murali Mohan is backing the Jayasudha panel.

And the other senior comedy artiste Naresh is contesting for the Joint Secretary position from Jayasudha’s panel. Today, the actor took to his Twitter page and tweeted, ‘It is a shame tht some contestants hv approached politicians to give threats to our panel. V r not bowing. We
have the whole industry with us’ (sic).

The actor’s shocking tweet indeed startled many, and this made everyone to know of the murky politics that rule under the guise of art. Looking by the happenings, there is no doubt that the coming few days are going to be quite intense and interesting in the Telugu film industry.

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