Nargis Fakri on Siddardh’s show

Well its not hero Siddardh but business tycoon Vijay Mallya’s son Siddardh Malya. It is already learnt that Siddardh is hosting a show named “Sid Sessions’. Its a web series on his youtube channel, where Siddardh answers or responds on the comments made by public about him. He recently made a Christmas special show which had Bollywood beauty, “Raockstar” fame “Nargis Fakri”.

As there is no censorship for web shows, lot of cuss words were used by the duo during the course of this show. They are funny, crazy and stupid to say the least. As everything was done in good humour, No one will have any issues with it what-so-ever.

But definitely one might find this Christmas episode of Sid sessions to be little awkward by the way Siddardh Malya behaved with Nargis. What’s your take on this video folks?

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