Nayanatara blasts away comedian in anger

661de370-a0b7-4302-b80d-96cf6334be42_S_secvpfNo matter how good you are at poking others and making fun out of them in a lighter vein but, you need to be in control and make sure that doesn’t irk others. Naturally if our wit and satirical sense crosses borders,we will have to face the heat from the sufferers . Noted Tamil director Venkat Prabhu’s brother, ace comedian Premji Amaran has faced such awkward situation . Let us know why?

Premji Amaran is known for his wit and the nature of throwing satires at his co-stars in the shoot. Same like, recently on the sets of a Tamil flick startting Suriya and Nayanatara , Premji has nick named Nayanatara as “Aunty”. And he went on calling her with that name a few times. Nayanatara held her nerves to maximum extent, but at a point Premji started calling Nayan as Aunty in-front of everyone repeatedly it seems. Which obviously made Nayanatara lose her temper and shouted at the comedian . She seriously warned Premji that he would lose her respect towards himself if he repeats it ever again,says an eye witness from the location.

Stunned by Nayanatara’s reaction, Premji has left the shooting spot immediately .How would he face Nayanatara if he gets to act with her in any movie here after?

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