Nayanthara attended her ex-boyfriend’s birthday bash

NayanatharaIt never gives a good feeling to any film star meeting their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend after a long time .But there will be few stars who takes it so light and keep moving on. Glamour queen Nayanathara is one of them who just ignores her past relations with people and try to meet them whenever she gets an opportunity. In fact she openly stated the same on couple of occasions that she has no regrets about her past affairs and breakups, and that made her work with past fling Simbhu. These two will be now seen in upcoming movie “Idhi Namba Aalu”. And that doesn’t stopped Nayan being just professional with her ex-BF but she is found hanging out with him now and then.

Yesterday (3rd Feb) was Nayanathara’s ex-boyfriend little super-star Simbu’s birthday. Simbu was greeted by who is who from Kollywood. But only Nayanathara made his birthday so special, as she has flown all the way from Hyderabad to Chennai cancelling her shoot . It is learnt that Nayanathara has ordered a cake for Simbhu it seems. Few raise their eyebrows and say “Can she do the same for Prabhu Deva by any chance?” as, Prabhu Deva’s birthday falls on April 3rd Let’s wait and see.

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