Nenu Local Four Days collections

Nani and Kruthi Suresh starrer ‘Nenu Local’ has collected Rs 13.33 Cr shares at the box office of both

Telugu states, AP and Telangana by the end of 4 days. It is growing big at the box office with every

passing day.

The area-wise break up are:
Nizam : Rs 5.26 Cr
Ceded : Rs 1.8 Cr
Guntur : Rs 1.13 Cr
Vizag : Rs 1.75 Cr
Krishna: Rs 1.01 Cr
East : Rs 1.23 Cr
West : Rs 0.77 Cr
Nellore : Rs 0.38 Cr
4 days Total AP/TS Shares : Rs 13.33 Cr

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