Niharika Too Spicy By Flaunting Her Delicious Curves

Niharika Too Spicy By Flaunting Her Delicious Curves,Niharika ,Niharika RaizadaDo not come to a conclusion by seeing the heading . The name Niharika, you might be thinking we are talking about the mega daughter Konidela Niharika who turned heroine with Oka Manasu recently. Well, you would be mistaken to think so because this Niharika is different.

She is Niharika Raizada, an Indo-French model who had earlier scorched the film websites with her bikini pictures. Now, she would be seen in the Bollywood movie Waarrior Savitri and this is slated to be a complete action and glamour feast.

Recently the trailer was unveiled where Niharika was seen flaunting her delicious curves and kicking the bulbs out of the baddies. However, the concept of the movie has not gone too well with the audience so it remains to be seen how the film will work when it releases.

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