Nikhil follows Pawan kalyan!

pawankalyan-in-shankarabaranam-moviePawan Kalyan has the habit of not watching his films before the release. Recently in an interview, he also revealed that he is yet to watch two or two of his past films. Pawan Kalyan does that due to his non-interest on films, he always says. But then another hero is doing the same for his films but as a sentiment and he is none other than Young Hero, Nikhil.

In an interview, Nikhil revealed that he has this sentiment of not watching his films before the release. Once the story is finalized and shoot is done, Nikhil doesn’t watch the final output on the editing desk. And this sentiment has been working for him right from ‘Swamy Ra Ra’ movie. But the actor claims that he does not know about Pawan Kalyan having the same kind of habit and said he was quite surprised and excited to share at least one similarity with the Powerstar.

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