Nithin irritates Pawan fans to the core

nithin-cbk-to-shoot-in-hyderabadThere is nothing wrong in admiring Powerstar Pawan Kalyan,but the thing is how are you expressing it is important,say few angry PK fans to Nithin. Until ‘Ishq’ was released, Nitin was seriously struggling for a hit with almost 10 flops in a row. Pawan Kalyan factor has also helped Nithin in the success of “Isq”,which cannot be denied by anyone. Continuing the same formula, Nithin again scored a massive hit in the name of “Gundejaari Gallantayinde”. Hence Nitin has decided not to leave Pawan Kalyan and started taking his reference in one way or the other in every film he has been doing post “GJG” .

Recently, Nithin has stepped a little forward and use PK to maximum extent in “Chinnadaana Neekosam”. And that has brought many head aches to this young hero now. coming to a scene in “CNK”, Nitin and Ali actually enter a pub exclusively meant for gays. And when they meet two Telugu gays (comedian Madhunandan and another guy), these four dance in ecstasy on the stage. And to our surprise, Nitin made use of Pawan Kalyan even in this scene. Along with Ali and Madhunandan, he posed as a gay before dancing for the song ‘Kiraakku Kiraaku’ from industry hit flick ‘Attarintiki Daredi’. Though it was picturized on a lighter note, not many pk fans would take it so.

Is not the peak time for this lover boy to stop depending on Pawan Kalyan?

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