Nithin to get married in coming summer?

Nithin-PhotoThis news might break many young girl’s hearts, as their heart throb and young Telugu hero Nithin is going to get married in summer 2015,as per the latest reports. It is confidentially heard by our sources that, Nithin’s father Sudhaker Reddy is going through some profiles of brides it seems.

Already Sudhkar Reddy is quite busy putting word to all friends and relatives to find a suitable bride for his son. Also his equation clear – the bride need not be rich – but she should hail from a decent family. With many other heroes of his age too getting married and settling down, Nitin’s father felt that it is right time for his son too to tie the nuptials. So, by next Summer Nitin will become a doting husband.

Come on girls, finish of writing love letters,mails and sending gifts or making proposals to him. Try your luck too.

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