Nithya Menon stuns with Her complete Makeover!

Nithya Menon stuns with Her complete Makeover!, Nithya menon 24 movie stills, Nithya menon new look with short hair, Nithya menon new stillsTollywood cute girl Nithya Menon has undergone a makeover in Tamil film’Iru Mugam’ which means ‘Two-Faced’ is a sci-fi thriller .Be it Costumes, Hair Style, Make-Up & Accessories, Everything plays a part in attaining a complete transformation. As the film have a Malaysian backdrop, Nithya might be seen as a Malaysian National for the first time ever.
The film features Vikram, Nayantara and Nithya Menon. Anand Shankar has written and directed the movie.
The makeover of Nithya Menon must be appreciated .

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