Nithya not romancing Bunny in Trivikram film?

Nithya-Menon-Photo-Gallery-4Whenever we find two or three heroines in a film, they are likely to romance the hero in any film isn’t it? But as per the latest reports, we learnt that is not the case with stylish star Allu Arjun – Trivikram flick.

Touted to be a romantic entertainer, Bunny’s latest that is tentatively titled ‘S/o Satyamurthy’ is a different film altogether if we have to go by the info we have got. We know that Samantha is the lead heroine of the movie, cute and sexy Adah Sharma is the second heroine. And the surprise came from Trivikram ,when he roped in cute looking Nitya Menon in the film. Everybody thought that even Nitya would romance Bunny in the film. But its not going to be that way, says the sources.

As per the latest reports, we learnt that Nitya Menon is playing the role of a newly married girl in the movie, and none other than Chaitanya Krishna is playing the role of her husband. Chaitanya Krishna who made his debut with Ninnu Kalisaka, Chaitanya, has done films like Adi Nuvve, Vennela 1.5, Kalicharan and also “Chandamama Kathalu” recently. And if you can remember, he played Nitya Menon’s close friend in her debut flick in Telugu “Alaa Modalaindi”.

So far Krishna Chaitanya playing Nitya’s husband is fine, but what role Nitya is playing in the film? Bunny’s ex lover? sister? anything else?

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