NJTA – Parthu Nemani Music Camp

NJTA – Parthu Nemani Music CampNew Jersey Telugu Association (NJTA) completed their third program a 7 day Music workshop followed by a Grand Music concert by famous Tollywood Singer and Music Director Partha Sarathy (Parthu) Nemani in Sree Venketeswara Temple Auditorium Bridgewater, New Jersey.
The seven day workshop in association with Keerthana Academy of Music was attended by 40 students and was conducted in two sessions by Parthu Garu. Students had the privilege of learning variety of songs in styles ranging from Annamacharya & Ramadasu Keertanas, Movie, Folk songs and Lalitha Sangeetham. Parthu Garu imparted not only music but also various techniques of Karaoke Singing such as writing score and notes. All the participants including the youngest six year old participant were proficient at singing all the 9 songs and following the music techniques by the end of the camp. The results were flawless on stage. End result proved astounding successful camp by Parthu Garu and our very own NJ kids. NJTA is blooming and establishing our own local talent via camps like this!!!!
The Grand Finale Music Concert was performed by Parthu Garu and NJTA workshop students non –stop for 3 hours. NJ audience of more than 500 people enjoyed the soulful melodious songs by Parthu Garu. Parthu Garu opened his concert with SHREE GANESHAYA DHIMAHI and after entertaining audience for more than 90 minutes with SPB melodies such as Aa Devi lo virisina , Sirimalle neeve concluded the concert with the powerful PUNYA Bhumi na desam namo namami. The concert was attended by famous poet and Lyricist Sri Vadepalli Krishna Garu. Sri Krishna Garu in his speech said that NJTA is doing a commendable service to Telugu Culture by encouraging programs of such caliber. The attendees included community leaders and supporters Damu Gedala, Ram and Girija Kolluri.
Speaking on the camp inauguration day, NJTA President Chinna Vasudeva Reddy Garu promised that NJTA will continue to conduct programs like this in pursuit of their goal to make a difference and bring the homeland close to Telugus! Parthu Garu thanked Chinna Vasudeva Reddy Garu for supporting him and for coming forward to organize this event through the NJ Telugu Association.
NJTA committee members consisting of Manju Bhargava, Bindu Madiraju, Anuradha Arun, Veni Chinna , Sarala Komaravolu , Ujwal Khastala, Srikanth Sodgam honored Parthu Garu at the grand finale. Speaking at the event secretary Manju Bhargava expressed her gratitude to Parthu Garu for his sincere efforts to impart music knowledge to American Youth and requested him to render his services in coming years.

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