“No hugs and kisses ” says Puri

Puri Jagannadh-ImagesWell, one would never believe if some one says that these comments were made by Puri Jagannadh, as he is known for making candid scenes that involves more physical activities. But hold on folks. These comments are made by Puri for his Son’s debut flick “Andhrapori” but not for his own films.

Puri’s son Akash Pur is familiarly known for his child characters in the films like “Dhoni” etc. Talking about his debut flick Andhra Pori, Akash Puri said that his father wanted him to become a hero at the age of 21-22 but he feels happy for making his debut at 17 itself.

Andhra Pori is the remake of a unexpected hit of the Kannada film ‘Time Pass’. Akash says that he is moving friendly with the heroine, Ulka Guptha (Jhansi Ka Rani fame), and there is so much fun during the shoot. Even though the movie title sounds naughty, Akash tells that the movie is a decent one. He also clears that there are no kissing and hugging scenes in the movie. He adds that he is attending the shoot under his mom’s guidance. Akash is presently studying Inter first year. How pity Akash, a hero is being taken care of by his mother which is quite unusual in film industry as mostly heroine’s mothers would accompany them to shoots. What say folks?

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