No Sleep for Pawan kalyan..!

No Sleep for Pawan kalyan..!, Sardaar Gabbar Singh Releasing on April8, Sardaar Gabbar singh New wallposters, Sardaar Gabbar singh new stillsPawan Kalyan has given hundred percent to complete shooting of Sardaar Gabbar Singh to reach the scheduled date for release.He, not only written the story and screenplay and also taking care of Sardaar Gabbar Singh post production work.

The Power star, so far hasn’t taken a break even after the hectic shooting schedules and was seen at the Prasad labs while the color grading and DI work was going on. Eventhough the cinematographer and the makers are present, Pawan has stayed long night till the completion of work. He slept for a few minutes in his car before leaving for home.

Pawan Kalyan had only two hours sleep a day during the entire schedule of Switzerland where a couple of songs were shot within few days.The unit members are amazed at the committment of Pawan’s dedication and hard work.

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